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                                                                Electrical Rooms. Computer Rooms. Telecommunication Rooms. Generator Rooms.                                                                 Libraries. Museums. Art Galleries. These are all areas where a water fire suppression                                                                 system could cause irreversible damage. That is why a clean agent fire suppression                                                                 system could be right for you. We offer a choice of several clean agents for you to                                                                  choose from. Let our certified designers assist you in choosing the agent that is right                                                                 for you. Additionally, we are a licensed fire alarm company so we can provide a full,                                                                 turn key installation.





FM 200, Inergen, and Sapphire are all extremely effective clean agent fire suppressants.

All three agents are appropriate as a replacement for Halon 1301. Halon 1301, can no

longer be installed, and in some cases, owners are opting to upgrade to a system that

does not deplete the ozone.

FM 200 is a very common agent. It absorbs heat while interrupting the chemical reaction of a fire.

Although it does have a relatively short atmospheric life (30-40 years) it is considered ozone safe.

FM 200 is safe to use in occupied spaces in concentrations up to a level of 9%.

Inergen is comprised of chemicals found naturally in the atmosphere. Thus it has Zero ozone depletion factor and a zero atmospheric life. It is environmentally friendly and safe for use in occupied spaces. It acts on a principle of lowering oxygen to a point where fire will not burn, but human life can still exist comfortably.


                                     Sapphire by Ansul contains a chemical known as Novec 1230. Novec exists as a liquid at room                                      temperature, yet becomes a gas when under pressure. It has a cooling effect on fire and is designed to                                     concentration levels of 4-6%. This offers an extremely large safety margin for occupied spaces.

                                    Each of the above systems are in stored cylinders and are for total flooding applications. The room being                                     protected must undergo a room integrity test to assure the room can hold the concentration of agent long                                     enough to extinguish the fire. We are happy to offer this integrity test as part of a turnkey installation. As                                     part of the installation we also offer in house engineering by our factory certified technicians. Each                                     system has its own design characteristics and criteria to correctly calculate the proper hazard protection.





Service after the sale is what you will get from us. NY State code requires that all systems be inspected by certified technicians. A cost effective service contract will keep your system in top condition and keep you code compliant. Contact us for more details on system inspections.


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