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                                        When it comes to protecting your commercial kitchen from fires, we have you covered. As an authorized                                         Distributor for ANSUL, Pyro Chem and Range Guard we can provide the best fire protection for you at extremely                                         competitive pricing.






UL 300

Whether you are contemplating a new installation or upgrading your existing system, our technicians can be sure your system is UL 300 compliant. UL 300 is the standard that insurance providers and NY state code now requires when installing fire protection over new kitchen appliances. New designs, new nozzles and the way in which the chemical is delivered are a few of the improvements that make a system UL 300.


ANSUL Offers 2 options when it comes to kitchen appliance fire suppression



Ansul R –102

                                     The standard pre engineered Ansul R –102 system has become the # 1 protector of kitchens. This liquid                                       agent system offers protection for today’s progressive kitchen. The R 102 is customized for each                                      installation to provide the most efficient use of liquid agent . Call us today and we will be happy to provide                                      an estimate for your kitchen.







Ansul Piranha System

The Ansul Piranha System utilizes the best of 2 agents… Wet chemical and water. This double agent

concept dramatically increases the firefighting performance of the Piranha. Overlapping nozzle

protection allows flexibility for appliance location and movement. It is extremely effective with

cooking oil fires, cooling the liquid 15 times faster.




Pyro Chem Kitchen Knight II

                                                  A very economical alternative in some instances, the Pyro Chem system offers a versatile                                                    distribution of chemical. With an appliance specific design, the Kitchen Knight may be right for                                                      you. Call us for more information.


                                                Range Guard

                                                Range Guard was the innovator in wet chemical kitchen fire systems. Extended nozzle protection                                                 makes this an option for many restaurant owners. With a varied choice in equipment and cylinder                                                 sizes,the Range Guard system is designed specifically to suit your needs.

                                                What all systems Need...

                                                Whatever system is determined to be right for you, your installation will include                                                 manual  release, gas valve for fuel shut off (if applicable) and micro switches for electrical functions                                                 such as alarm tie in or electrical appliance shut down. Make your system complete and be sure a K                                                 class extinguisher is included.

                                                 Don’t forget the service

                                                 Service after the sale is what you will get from us. NY State code requires that all systems be                                                  inspected by certified technicians. A cost effective service contract will keep your system in top                                                  condition and keep you code compliant. Contact us for more details on system inspections.








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