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For the average person, the science of fire extinguishing appears difficult to understand. However with some very basic knowledge, you will be able to correctly choose and operate the correct fire extinguishers.

There are 5 basic Classes of fire:



                                           A – Fires involving common combustibles such as wood, paper, plastics and rubbish.

                                           B - Fires involving burning liquids such as gasoline, oil, and paints.

                                           C – Fires involving energized electrical equipment such as motors, electrical panels and appliances.

                                           D – Fires involving combustible metals such as magnesium and sodium

                                           K – Fires involving combustible cooking media such as deep fat grease and burning cooking oils.

Choose the extinguisher that is right for your type of fire.


                          Most applications involve the 3 basic fires – A,B,C. In these cases we recommend the stored pressure dry                            chemical extinguishers. They are extremely effective and cost efficient. Also available in the Sentry line are                              Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Pressurized Water models. We offer a variety of sizes and agents to meet the                           requirements of all applications.





For specialized hazards, such as burning liquids or burning metals the Redline extinguishers offer a much longer

discharge distance. The ability to recharge these in the field is another reason industrial personnel find this

extinguisher the right choice. With a variety of sizes and agents available, contact us for the best model for you.



                  The newest addition to portable fire extinguishers is the K class. This involves cooking media, such as deep fat fryers.                    NY State Code requires all commercial kitchens with a fryer to have a K class extinguisher. The extinguisher liquid                   quickly cools down the grease, knocks down the flames and forms a vapor securing blanket. Contact us for more                   information.



Specialized electronics, or very valuable items such as art work can be protected by clean agent fire extinguishers.

These units contain the chemical FE 36 made by Dupont. The agent is clean, nonconductive, environmentally

friendly, and very effective. Available in the standard cylinder for most applications, and in a stainless

steel cylinder for use in MRI’s. Contact us today for more information.


Fire extinguishers require some very basic maintenance. First and foremost, keep in mind that anytime an extinguisher is used or discharged it must be recharged by a qualified agent. In addition, NY state requires that all portable extinguishers be inspected by a trained professional annually. At the time of the annual inspection, the professional will assure that the extinguisher is ready for use. Additionally he will determine and perform any testing required by the state. A Monthly inspection of all extinguishers is also required, however this “quick check” can be performed by the extinguisher owner. Contact us to be sure you are in compliance with all requirements.



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